Now Is The Time To Join A Liquor Co-op!


Florida Independent Liquor Co-op (FILC) is the largest spirits and wine pool buying group in the State of Florida.  We understand how difficult it is to compete in the alcohol beverage industry with large chain retailers.  We provide a solution that helps to level the playing field for independent liquor retailers.

With hundreds of members throughout Florida, our collective buying power allows for our members to be able to take advantage of LOWEST PRICING available on many major liquor and wine brands each month.  With our pool buying platform, our members are able to take advantage of High Quantity pricing deals from CASE 1.  Pool buying allows our members the advantage of lower pricing on their liquor and wine buys, lower inventory levels hence more room in their back room, PLUS an increase to their profit margins while still remaining competitive in the market.  Now is the time to join forces and put money back in your pocket!