Benefits of Joining FILC

Independent Liquor Retailers:
  1. You are able to BUY LIQUOR and WINE CHEAPER and SELL MORE COMPETITIVELY. Florida Independent Liquor Co-op (FILC) helps members buy liquor and wine at lower prices. Members are placed on a better pricing plan from the distributors in addition to receiving co-op collective buy deep price discounts on the major brands. This lower cost will help you either lower your retail prices or get you higher profit margins. Members will pay less per bottle/case than non-coop members.
  2. You have over 40 Major (and smaller) Brands on Co-op Collective Buys Each Month from the top distributors.
  3. FILC Members collectively Reach the High Quantity Case Levels and get The Best Pricing Available from the Distributors thru scheduled weekly co-op collective buys.
  4. You are able to get the Best Pricing on Major Brands Starting from Case 1. No more spending a large investment on only one brand just to get a competitive price. You are able to buy liquor and wine at smaller, more affordable levels and still get the high quantity discount price.
  5. FILC Conducts Negotiations with distributors on behalf of the liquor buying group and passes the benefits onto our members.
  6. You are able to Plan Your Orders More Effectively and in Advance with our monthly calendar of weekly co-op collective buys for the larger brands.
  7. Maintain Lower Inventory. With the ability to purchase at lower quantities at the large quantity price, this will allow you to keep your money in the bank and NOT in your backroom inventory.
  8. Open Communication with FILC. Besides the weekly communication between FILC and our members, we pride ourselves in open communication. We want to know your special needs or how FILC can further benefit you, the independent retailer. This will allow more future benefits to our members and the ability to strengthen our power as a liquor buying group.
  9. For a Low Monthly FeeFILC takes care of all the deal negotiations so you can save time and energy and focus on more important tasks for your store.
  10. FILC members also receives Additional Discounts from Industry Partners.

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