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Co-op Collective Buy Pricing

Now that Distributors have moved away from free goods and towards Quantity Case Level Pricing, it is even more necessary for Independent Liquor Stores to join a large liquor buying group to be able to reach the high quantity case levels and receive the lowest liquor prices available for independent retailers.

Florida Independent Liquor Co-op (FILC) negotiates the quantity case level pricing with the major distributors based on the members buying needs and passes the benefits onto our members. We understand how difficult it is to compete in the marketplace with the larger chain stores, we are here to provide a solution that will help the Independent Liquor Stores to collectively buy liquor and wine to get better pricing from the distributors. Each week we collectively buy the scheduled major brands to reach the high case quantity levels to get the lowest prices available for independent retailers from the major distributors. Therefore members are able to buy liquor and wine at smaller more affordable levels and still get the high quantity discounted price, instead of spending a large investment on only one brand just to get a competitive price. FILC Members can get the best pricing available for most brands, even if they only order 1 case during the brands buy week.

FILC Members are also placed on a special price discount FROM CASE 1 for your “everyday” orders from the distributors. Non-co-op members are required to purchase much larger amount of total cases to get this special price discount.

By joining FILC, members are able to buy liquor and wine at lower quantities and get the best pricing available so they can sell more competitively in the marketplace.

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