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FILC/Preferred Partner Program

FILC is continuously looking for additional ways to help save our members time and money with using our strong buying power from hundreds of independent retailers.   Below are our Preferred Partners that provide our members with additional discounts for being FILC members.  Check back as we update this list frequently.


Eby-Brownthe largest c store distributor in the US.  This partnership includes their TOP TIER DISCOUNT on all their products including cigarettes/cigars/other tobacco, snacks and candies for all of our FILC members.  More info to come…..

Eby-Brown | Eby-Brown


Liquor & Wine Essentials – various liquor and wine store essentials.  LW Essentials highlights many popular items that can be sold in liquor and wine stores, including glassware, gift bags, party supplies, mixers, gifts, etc.  These popular items can be purchased through Amazon and delivered directly to your store.


Party Supplies

Retail Store Items

Spirits/Wine Novelty Items

Wine Items/Gifts